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Olasiti is a village in Northern Tanzania, about 5 miles from Arusha. The average household in the village earns between $90- $100 USD a year.

Olasiti’s population is roughly 15,000 and growing rapidly.  There are over 2,000 students in primary schools in the village, and the class sizes are approximately 80-110 students per class.

Each year over 200 students at the primary schools in Olasiti graduate from Standard 7, the last grade in primary school. Until recently, there was no secondary school in the village.

Many families in the village could not afford to send their children to secondary school. Those students who did continue their education had to make a dangerous, and often long, trip every day to the nearest secondary school in another village. Their studies were adversely affected by exhaustion from the dangerous journey and long day.

Villagers in Olasiti pooled their resources for several years to build their first secondary school, but still were not able to raise enough money to complete the construction.

Thanks to your generous and continued support, The Uplifting Project has helped the village of Olasiti finish the Olasiti Secondary School by building a classroom and bathroom facilities.

The school is now open, giving over 300 students from the primary schools in Olasiti the opportunity to attend secondary school in their own village for the first time.
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A typical classroom at Olasiti Primary School
Primary School students get their first glimpse at their future secondary school!

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Kikatiti is a village in Northern Tanzania whose primary school was built in 1964. There are 11 classrooms, many of which are in very poor condition with large holes in the cement floor and open-beamed ceilings. There is no electricity at the school.

Currently around 900 students attend Kikatiti Primary, with class sizes of 70-120 students. There are only 20 desks in each classroom, meaning each desk must be shared by an average of 4 students. The heavy desks are sometimes moved around from class to class to accommodate students in another room.

The school is badly in need of extra classrooms, extra desks, and general improvements. Our plan to assist Kikatiti Primary School begins with helping the village build two new classrooms. This will begin to ease overcrowding at the school. The construction is already underway! As a result of your support and generosity, the students of Kikatiti will be learning in and enjoying two brand-new, much-needed classrooms in a short time!

In the future it is our hope to contribute by making other improvements at Kikatiti. Things like new desks, more classrooms, and structural improvements would all be huge assets to the students, teachers and community.

As always, check out our blog for all the latest news and updates on the construction at Kikatiti Primary School!

Students outside Kikatiti Primary School
Construction underway on our classrooms!